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fartsniffer123-deactivated20131 asked: Good to meet a fellow fart lover

Thank you man, good to meet you as well.

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There is  a new fart girl on the horizon guys and as well as girls (for the girls that are into girls farting)

It’s    EMOCiiONAL82   on YouTube,  She’s a really sweet girl and nice and really lovely too talk to. If you haven’t yet heard of her on YouTube or seen her user name on YouTube or haven’t seen and watched any of her videos yet that she has posted. Then what are you waiting for?

I’ll post a Link to her URL on YouTube. Her farts and her gassy bottom that her farts release out of are outstanding and very sexy and definitely an A++

So if you’re into girls farting. Then feel free to go and check out her YouTube channel.

She would be much appreciated of it. If I love her farts <3  then I’m sure you will also!


Long Live Girl Farts! *sniff* *sniff*


-David The Gas Man







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Anna Farting In The School Classroom

The first submitted True Farting story contributed by Anna herself. Thank you very much Anna for submitting your funny and also very very sexy story for my Tumblr page.

So I’m the type of person that pities teachers. I give them answers when no one else will, I volunteer to be first so as to get the ball rolling, and try my best to be a good student. One day I was answering a question for a teacher and I felt a big one coming. I dragged out the answer a bit more than was necessary, talking a bit louder so as to cover up the sound. It turned out to be a squealing fart. Two girls in the back row heard it too and looked at me with disgusted expressions as I finished up my answer. I smirked and cleared my throat at the end to hide the fact I was laughing. They were a couple of bitches, anyways.

True Farting story submitted by: Anna (On Facebook) (Submitted to me through Email)

Posted & Re-Blogged by: David The Gas Man 

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Anna’s Questions & Answers Farting Interview


I recently had the lovely opportunity to be in contact with this Girl from Facebook. And I found out that she is into Farting just like myself, I am always blown away with talking with her about farting (Blown away? Get it?) and once I created my Blog that’s immediately who I asked kindly and had in mind, to do this first interview with on my Blog. I wanted to know, and pick her brain some and see what she had to say on this matter. I had to know what lay behind the clouds of her smelly gas and why such a Sweet Girl like herself would be into and is into farting. So I contacted her, and here are her answers from the interview that we did and what ensued in her own words. She is now a solid good friend of mine on Facebook.

Anna’s First Question & Answer Interview

David The Gas Man: So how did you, first get started in being fascinated by farting?

Anna: I don’t remember how or when, but I have a feeling it happened when I realized that the peoples reactions were amusing. Especially if it’s a silent one and you walk past them, trailing it for a delayed reaction.

David The Gas Man: Do you have any other friends, that are fascinated by farting as well like you are, that love to fart also?

Yes. My friend, V. She’s my lovely little gassy beaner (she let’s me call her that affectionately). She enjoys Dutch Ovening her boyfriend and recording the sounds of her farts.

David The Gas Man: What did your mom think of this fart frivolity?

At first she was a bit put off, but when I kept telling her that it’s a natural body function and that you shouldn’t deny who you are she started coming around. Yes, she came around to farting because I compared it to burping and yawning.

David The Gas Man: There are a thousand types of fart names, Can you break down a few of your favorite ones for our readers?

Crop Dusting: When you walk around leaving a trail of farts behind for the next unsuspecting person.
Video store: No matter what, whenever I go into a video store I cannot stop farting and usually end up having to go to the bathroom.

David The Gas Man: With the farting community growing online, How do you feel about Fart Fetishists?

Just so long as they don’t talk dirty I’m more than fine with talking with them about farting. OOOOh, I have a big one brewing!

David The Gas Man: Why do you think there is a social society taboo that  “Females Don’t Fart”, in some people still?

I think that no matter how hard we try there will always be a certain amount of sexism in this world. It’s just a matter of time before girls farting becomes the next hot debate. Well, maybe not hot, but it’ll be part of it. It’ll most likely be more of a social debate, celebrities will take sides, it’ll be discussed randomly in public, and by talking about it we shall eventually make it commonplace and it won’t be a taboo anymore. The fart came, and it felt good!

David The Gas Man: SBD is Silent But Deadly. Right? What about the SBD?

They’re fun when you’re in a store walking down the aisles. Especially if there’s someone “following you.” Just let one of these go from your arsenal and smile devilishly at them at the moment of impact. They’ll now avoid you.

David The Gas Man: From all the types of ways that you can fart, What’s your personal favorite way or position for you to fart in?

I like farting while lying on my side. It’s much easier to position my cheeks so it makes that excellent ripping sound. Also, I do believe at least two of my roommates will hear it or my laughter. Either way, it feels good!

David The Gas Man: Most Fart Fetishist  (But not all of them), are into women’s farts as well as their rear ends because let’s face it. It goes hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches women farting and women’s rear ends. Can you describe in detail about your rear-end for our readers  (I.E.  Is it a PAWG, a Rounded Bottom more, It’s true measurements etc.)

I’ve never been able to really figure out what kind of a butt mine is. I know it’s not large, but I also know it’s not small. It’s 47 inches from around the front to the middle of my behind.

David The Gas Man: What food leads to the biggest farts?

I’ve never kept track, sadly.

David The Gas Man: Out of the types of farts, Which kind have you mastered the most?

Trapped: When you fart on a cushy surface and trap it in the cushions. You can choose to either let it out for others enjoyment, or let it die within the foamy seat.
SBD: Silent but deadlies are by far the easiest in my book.

David The Gas Man: Do you have a problem with or get bothered with, by some that refer to women farting as being sexy or awesome etc.?

Nope, just don’t make it a sexual thing (sex is for a relationship, not for online chit chat) and I’ll answer questions until I’m blue in the face.

David The Gas Man: Has farting, always been a part of your family?

Nope, I dare say I’m the first that has ever really liked it.

David The Gas Man: Would you, consider yourself as being a proud fart girl whom one that goes against the society norms and farts still?            

Yes, and if anyone dislikes the fact that I fart outwardly (without trying to hide it) then they can go be a stick in the mud elsewhere. I’m trying to enjoy all of life’s little quarks.


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